Mo’s Pub seeks to ease Langley’s ‘amplified’ noise rules

Mo’s Pub made some noise again with Langley City Council this week.

Mo’s Pub made some noise again with Langley City Council this week.

The pub’s owner, Maureen Cooke, asked the council to consider revising the recently approved noise ordinance. All because of one word — amplified — which she said gave her “heartburn.”

To date, Mo’s Pub has applied for and received two live, amplified music permits. Cooke hired doormen to monitor loitering outside so as to avoid a rowdy crowd bothering neighbors on Second Street. Langley has yet to receive a noise complaint regarding the music.

“We haven’t had one, single, solitary complaint,” Cooke told the council.

Beyond full rock bands, complete with electric guitars, drums, microphones, bass and even the occasional keyboard, mellow music requires some form of amplification. And Cooke argued those shouldn’t need a permit, even if the spirit of the ordinance doesn’t object to a cellist playing with a low-volume amplifier, the letter of the “too rigid” law objects.

The council considered using a decibel meter to track how loud too loud could be in a revised ordinance. Those are spotty, at best, city leaders said.

“It’s very, very complex,” said Jeff Arango, Langley’s planning director.

“Sometimes if you bump into it, it spikes.”

Cooke said she has canceled all her upcoming live music performances until the issue is resolved.

Councilwoman Rene Neff thanked Cooke for placing small receptacles in the alley for cigarette butts.