Mr. South Whidbey candidates strut their stuff for health care aid

He’s back, and younger than ever. The seventh annual Mr. South Whidbey Pageant returns at 7 p.m., Oct. 6 at Freeland Hall.


He’s back, and younger than ever.

The seventh annual Mr. South Whidbey Pageant returns at 7 p.m., Oct. 6 at Freeland Hall.

Join emcee Sue Frause as this year’s candidates do their best to win votes and discover fame. Mr. South Whidbey candidates are Christian Albright, John Auburn, Rocco Gianni, Brian Vick, Nick Welles and Jim Wills.

With some of the youngest candidates yet to compete for the local honor, the evening portends to be wilder than ever. This highly anticipated, tongue-in-cheek fundraiser for Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund should prove to be a spirited evening.

Whichever candidate raises the most money for Friends of Friends at the event wins the title.

Candidates are judged in three categories. Under the fashion category, candidates will wear whatever best says ‘Mr. South Whidbey’ to them. For the talent portion, candidates will be judged by whatever the candidates want to do with whatever skills they have within three to four minutes. In the question-and-answer period, candidates will be quizzed about their knowledge of South Whidbey trivia.

But the audience has a vote as well. Every dollar donated to Friends of Friends in a candidate’s name counts as one vote. And people can vote as often as they like.

So bring friends and plenty of cash (or checks) to stuff ballot boxes, buy votes, and bribe the emcee to ensure a favorite walks away with the title. Those who have a favorite candidate and can’t attend the event can buy votes in advance. Send a check to the Friends of Friends by Oct. 1 with the label “attention: Mr. South Whidbey.” People should make sure to indicate which candidate they’re voting for, or vote online at

A $25 ticket to the pageant buys a seat at one of the most original fundraisers on South Whidbey. Advance tickets are available at Moonraker Books in Langley, and Timbuktu Java Bar and Gallery in Freeland.

Food is not being served this year at the event, but several local restaurants are offering discounts on dinners the day of the event. Show a ticket for a Mr. South Whidbey discount at Coach’s Pizza, Cozy’s Roadhouse, China City, Freeland Café, Gerry’s, Neil’s Clover Patch, Pickles Deli, Prima Bistro and Village Pizzeria.

This year’s event also marks a milestone for Friends of Friends. Besides being in operation for 15 years, by the end of the fundraiser this year, the group will have raised over $1 million, all from and distributed within South Whidbey.

Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund is a nonprofit, community-funded medical safety net, offering financial help to South Whidbey residents with uncovered health-related expenses. The organization helps with doctor visits, lab work, screening exams, hospital payments, medications, emergency dental work and ferry fares to medical treatment.

Those who need help with medical expenses or would like to donate to this locally based safety net, call 221-4535 or write Friends of Friends Medical Support Fund, P.O. Box 812, Langley WA 98260.