Oak Harbor man sent to prison for assault of mother, ex-wife

An Oak Harbor man threatened to shoot his mother and ex-wife and hit his ex-wife twice with his car.

An Oak Harbor man was sentenced to prison last week for threatening to shoot his mother and ex-wife, firing a gun near them and then running into his ex-wife twice with his car on April 1.

Maurice C. Garnett, 31, pleaded guilty in Island County Superior Court last week to two counts of assault in the second degree, possession of a stolen firearm and unlawful possession of a firearm.

Under a plea bargain, the prosecution and defense offered a joint recommendation of three years, one month and two weeks in prison. The judge agreed.

Reports by officers with the Oak Harbor Police Department state that Garnett’s mother, ex-wife and other relatives were returning from a shopping trip when Garnett and his girlfriend confronted them outside a Crosby Avenue home.

Garnett was reportedly upset about being asked to pay child support. Garnett pointed a handgun at his girlfriend and said, “Girl, don’t you know I will smoke you right now?”

Garnett’s girlfriend also had a pink handgun but didn’t point it, the police reports indicate.

Garnett’s mother got in between him and ran into his ex-wife. Garnett intimated he wanted to shoot her too, at which point he fired the gun into the ground.

Garnett then got back into his car and struck his ex-wife, causing her to be thrown onto the windshield; he backed up and struck her again, the police reports state.

Garnett and his girlfriend fled the scene, changed the license plates on the car and stashed a .40-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun in a speaker box port in the trunk.

Police later learned that the handgun was stolen from a car in South Carolina.