Porch portraits take off in popularity as island photographer adapts to pandemic

Staying home may not be a picture perfect situation, but a Coupeville photographer is hoping to commemorate quarantined family moments with a snapshot taken from afar.

Dubbed “porch portraits,” Harry von Stark came up with the idea of photographing families outside their homes during these tempestuous times when he was reading articles from the East Coast featuring this style of photography.

“Nobody really knows what to do or how to act with all this stuff,” he said about living during a pandemic.

Von Stark specializes in “plein air” photography, natural light photos taken outside in creative spaces that are unique to the subject in the picture.

He is now offering front porch photos with the opportunity to dress up in costume and he promises to maintain a safe distance while taking the pictures.

“The idea is to just have fun with it, either have your freak flag fly or just have a nice portrait,” von Stark said.

Tasha Fiedler and her family were some of von Stark’s first customers. Tasha said von Stark is one of their neighbors, but this was their first time being a part of his work.

Although they took some serious photos, the Fiedlers all agreed they liked the pictures where they dressed up as pirates with their “hoards” the best.

“We love Halloween, and so we have a big bin full of all these different costumes,” Emily, Tasha’s 17-year-old daughter, said.

The Fiedlers posed with some hot commodities people will probably remember once being abundant, pre-COVID—toilet paper and cleaning products.

“We thought it would be kind of funny to have it as loot,” Emily said with a laugh.

• For more information on porch portrait pricing, von Stark can be contacted at 360-678-1113 or vonstarkphotography@gmail.com. He also has a website, www.vonstarkphotography.com.