Supplies wiped out at stores

Due to increasing fears about coronavirus, shoppers may have found already that several products are in short supply, in big box stores and local businesses alike.

Whidbey residents have taken to community Facebook pages, informing their neighbors which stores are lacking toilet paper, disinfecting wipes and even food. Hand sanitizer has been a nearly impossible commodity to be found for the past several weeks.

Grocery Manager Richard Stroter at the Goose Community Grocer said the store recently received a shipment of hand sanitizer. After making an announcement, the whole supply sold out within an hour and a half.

The store also ordered three cases of disinfecting wipes, which came in on Monday but were gone by Wednesday, an unusual occurrence.

Stroter said the store has thankfully not run out of bottled water yet, but he predicts this will be the next thing to sell out this weekend.

Canned food is another thing he has noticed people have been buying in bulk.

Like many other stores, the Goose has been trying to order more of these supplies to keep up with the demand.