WICA to present Ballet Victoria

Whidbey Island Center for the Arts will be present “Ballet Victoria” 7:30 p.m. Friday, Nov. 2.

“Ballet Victoria is a boutique professional ballet company with four yearly productions — dramatic, technically demanding, and often laced with humor,” acording to a press release. “Having produced over 73 new works, Ballet Victoria is starting its 16th season. With the direction of Paul Destrooper, the artistic team is exploring new territory.”

Celebrating 200 years, Shelley’s original gothic novel, “Frankenstein,” meets Coralli and Perrot’s timeless ballet Giselle in an alchemy only Destrooper dares bring to the stage. Horror, romance and science fiction are galvanized into a new ballet driven by a score boasting Verdi, Shostakovich, Dukas, Catalani and Adam.

“Very few people are still creating story ballets,” Destrooper said. “To reach across not just to different cultures but to different generations, it has to make sense.”

Adult admission costs $20, senior $18, youth $15.

Tickets are available at the WICA Box Office by calling 360-221-8268 or online at https://tickets.wicaonline.org