Woman charged with assaulting cops

A woman suffering from mental health issues was arrested after threatening strangers with a machete.

A woman suffering from mental health issues was arrested March 26 after she threatened strangers with a machete and later assaulted officers who tried to take her for an mental health evaluation, according to court records.

Prosecutors charged Natalia B. Velazquez in Island County Superior Court March 29 with unlawful display of a weapon and two counts of assault in the third degree.

According to a police report, a couple reported that they had been sitting in a van in front of Alfy’s on Bayshore Drive when a woman they didn’t know began yelling at them and waving around a large knife, which the police later identified as a machete. The woman told them to leave, so they locked their doors and called 911.

Officers found Velazquez with her machete inside a car parked in a nearby parking lot. She allegedly admitted to waving the machete at the couple, saying they “don’t get what is happening.” She also yelled about the president and spoke erratically, the report states.

The officers determined that Velazquez was suffering from a mental health crisis that made her a danger to herself or others. They decided to call an ambulance for an involuntary transport to the hospital for a mental health evaluation, the report states.

The officers tried to remove her from the vehicle, but she violently resisted, the report states. She kicked one officer in the face and another on the left side of the head; she also pinched the officers and grabbed one of them at the crotch, the officer wrote. One of the officers suffered a twisted and bruised thumb during the fracas.

In court March 27, Judge Christon Skinner ordered that Velazquez be held in jail until a mental health professional interviews her for a possible commitment to a mental treatment facility.