Paul Howard: March 21, 1944 – Feb. 22, 2020

Paul D. Howard passed away Feb. 22, 2020 while at Swedish Hospital in Seattle. His wife, Patti, and sons, Estevan and Daniel, and Estevan’s wife, Elisha, were at his side when he passed.

Paul’s first wife, Peggy Munoz, mother of Estevan and Daniel, also visited Paul during his final days. Paul’s friends are invited to consider a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in his name.

Paul was born March 21, 1944 in Seattle, Wash., to parents Barbara and Floyd. The family visited Whidbey Island, Wash. during the late 1940s with Grandpa Guy Howard, Floyd’s father, and Grandma Jennie, at their rented cabin at Fisherman’s Alibi near Greenbank.

Barb, Floyd and the kids, David, Bruce, Paul and Joyce, moved from Seattle to the island permanently in 1952, moving into a cabin a few houses up from the boat ramp at Bush Point.

Paul, his brothers and sister, attended school in Langley, Wash. They were “whisked” to school on an old Rio school bus driven by Harry Josephson. They wondered every day whether Harry could get the old bus to crawl up the many hills on the way to school in Langley.

Paul usually had a smile on his face and had many Island friends.

Information regarding a celebration of Paul’s life will be posted in this newspaper at a later date along with a more detailed bio of his life.

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