Editorial: Cyr is the right candidate for Langley

  • Monday, October 21, 2019 9:33am
  • Opinion

Craig Cyr defines himself as the “only progressive” in the race between him and Langley Councilman Bruce Allen.

Cyr certainly has the bonafides. He’s running a zero-fossil-fuel campaign. He supports the city’s original inclusive city ordinance, before its teeth were removed. He’s clear about his support for social justice, a free press and transparency at city hall.

Allen, on the other hand, hasn’t exactly been a beacon of progressive thought, which Cyr has pointed out.

At one council meeting, Allen said a South Whidbey Record reporter should be billed for speaking to the city attorney because the reporter didn’t live in the city. This shows a disregard for the basic tenets of a free press, not to mention the fact that the city can’t bill any citizen for speaking with a city official, contracted or not.

At another meeting, he said that filing public records was a waste of money. It can be a hassle — especially for smaller governmental entities — but the Open Public Records Act is a vital law intended to give the citizens the tools necessary to evaluate the government’s honesty, competency and responsiveness.

Hardly a waste of money.

Allen was against the original ordinance creating an inclusive city, also known as the sanctuary city, but then surprised everyone by bringing back a version critics characterized as toothless.

Still, Allen offers an important voice on the city council. As a council member, he served his community for eight years and spoke his mind without hesitation.

He and Cyr agree on many important issues facing the Village by the Sea, including support for the Coles Road development and the bond for infrastructure work.

Yet in the end, Cyr is the right candidate for the job, but not just because he’s a progressive in a progressive city. He’s conscientious, compassionate and intelligent.

And he’s right about the loftier issues that define a community.

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