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Parking spaces to be striped behind Langley post office barricade

Facing the reality that the one-time, interim access from Third Street to Second Street through the post office lot is no more, Langley’s mayor is hoping to make lemonade out of lemons, so to speak. Mayor Tim Callison has a plan to stripe a few more parking spaces adjacent to the concrete barriers set near the former Third Street access to the post office parking lot. That area of Third Street already offers public parking and essentially operates as a dead-end lot. A private home blocks Third Street from connecting to Cascade Avenue, just east of the post office. Parking spaces are available on either side of the road, from Anthes Avenue to the dead end. Among persistent criticism that there is not enough parking in the downtown hub, any additional parking is welcome.


Coles Road stop sign necessary, Langley residents say; city to research issue

Langley, a city without a single signal light, is thinking about putting in a couple more stop signs at one of its gateways.


Langley City Council nixes proposed business restrictions

The Langley City Council this week rejected a first-draft proposal from city hall to lobby state regulators to place restrictions on the liquor license of Spyhop, the new restaurant and lounge trying to open up in the space formerly occupied by Mo’s Pub & Eatery.


Bunny fever grips Langley stores, ready to hop on fame

Bunny fever has gripped Langley’s stores, and now the merchants are coordinating a new event in honor of the little critters bounding around town.

New famous Clinton cake shop owners promise same quality

JW Desserts, a South Whidbey bakery that achieved national fame, is no more, but in its place is something just as sweet.

Culinary scholarship struggles to find any takers

Like so many dishes, a Whidbey scholarship board is having a hard time finding the right ingredients to entice would-be chefs to apply for a culinary school award.

Restoring an epic tradition: Langley woman to help retell 1,500-year-old Celtic story

Telling a nearly 1,500-year-old Celtic story is challenging on its own. Memorizing it is another task entirely, and one Jill Johnson of Langley is taking on with a dozen other storytellers March 19 in Seattle.

Langley roosters rescued

Like a fox in a hen house at night, a South Whidbey woman plucked chickens on the loose in Langley one by one this past week, but a couple of cluckers eluded her.

Liquor license for lounge at old Mo’s Pub spot gets OK from Langley council

The usually simple approval of a liquor license request turned into a long discussion of past problems being projected onto a new business in Langley.

Langley mayor picks 20-year veteran to head Langley planning dept.

Langley’s new planner is a nearby foreigner with expertise in environmental sustainability and affordable housing.

Big dreams brew in a small space: Clinton salon hopes to capitalize on traffic, convenience

Alicia Clancy has a grand vision brewing in Clinton, and it only requires a small footprint.

Gardeners of South Whidbey continue philanthropy, spreading natural beauty

Winter is no time to rest for the busy bodies of the South Whidbey Garden Club.

Barricade placement a safety matter, Langley Post Office supervisor says

Bright orange barricades that have Langley residents in a huff were placed there for safety reasons, according to a post office official. The federal agency is required to provide a safe working environment for its employees, and the three concrete barriers that showed up this week to block the back entrance on Third Street to the Langley Post Office, much to the chagrin of city residents, were installed for just that purpose.

Events, RV campground, ownership change focus of Island County Fairgrounds plan by South Whidbey port

Improving the Island County Fairgrounds is going to cost millions, and some of it may be in the form of increased taxes.

Bayview ‘Feels the Bern’ at second South End rally for Sanders

Smiles, shouts, waves, honks, and a lot of signs were all part of the two-hour rally for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders on Saturday.

Hundreds scour Langley for mystery weekend

Another year, another faux murder was solved at the 32nd Langley Mystery Weekend.

All signs point to Museo

Need a sign? Look no further than First Street in Langley. Museo will open an exhibit all about signs in the literal sense with an artist reception 5-7 p.m., Saturday, March 5.

One-lane merger in Mukilteo won’t affect ferries, state transportation officials say

A possible revision to the existing Highway 525 bridge in Mukilteo will not affect offloading ferry traffic, state transportation department officials said Tuesday.

Overnight parking left out, crowd slams new Mukilteo ferry terminal’s lack of parking, second slip

Ferry users let state officials have an earful about poor parking considerations and a lack of preparations for emergencies Tuesday night.

Trio of businesses seek to jump-start Clinton with rebranding; area christened Port Clinton

With patience and persistence, a few Clinton businesses are hoping to get a head start in making the once seemingly vacant commercial area into a destination town.