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Langley mayoral candidate quick takes

A quick look at the Langley mayoral candidates’ positions on some pressing issues in the city

Who will be Langley’s next mayor?

Langley’s next four years will be guided by either a retired corporate executive or a nurse-turned home care business owner. Sharon Emerson and Tim Callison want Langley’s votes, and have made themselves known over the past year. Whoever is voted in next month will face a string of challenges. Aging infrastructure and roads, a desire to see ever more tourism and commerce, residents’ worries over cost of living and utilities bills, and economic development are ahead of the new mayor, a four-year position that pays $55,000 a year plus benefits.

One-night art show, ‘Underneath the Doghouse,’ a mirror of Whidbey memories

Fear is present in at least some small way in all of Allegra Rose Brown’s works of art. In her upcoming Friday, Oct. 23 installment and one-night show, “Underneath the Doghouse,” Rose Brown’s paintings, sketches and kinetic sculptures depict the 38-year-old woman’s recollections of life on Whidbey Island. There are scenes of the Island County Fair rides like the Scrambler, the discontinued barnyard scramble — derided as the source of Langley’s rabbit population problem.

Councilwoman Rene Neff chooses life

Rene Neff considers herself fortunate. She’s a retired teacher, a Langley city councilwoman, former art gallery owner, wife, mother and a soon-to-be three-time grandmother. And she survived a horrific diagnosis of cancer in both of her breasts back in 1988 as a 38-year-old mother of a fifth-grade son and twin second-grade girls.

Clinton author with MS finds her voice after losing her speech

Deborah Livesey found her voice even as she lost the ability to speak. The 63-year-old Clinton woman wrote a book about family and the secrets kept from and between siblings and parents. But Livesey could not just sit down and type up a chapter, a word, or even a letter. Livesey has multiple sclerosis, a degeneration of the nervous system. Essentially, Livesey’s beautiful mind — one that creates stories about a daughter dealing with the pains of her past and the repercussions in the present — is trapped in a frail and increasingly uncooperative body.

Planners expect little to no growth in Clinton by 2017

Clinton is likely to stay much as it is today for at least the next two years.

LOVE AT FIRST FLIGHT: Biermeister has Village by the Sea hopping

Something’s been brewing in Langley, and it has nothing to do with a funicular, rabbits or mayoral races.

Bunny problem not city’s fault, Langley councilman says

Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies. It’s about all some people talk about in Langley these days, even in the hallowed halls of City Hall during Monday’s city council meeting.

Hark back to a time of classics with Island Consort

A chorus of strings, woodwinds, voices and a harpsichord will resound through the sanctuary of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation this Saturday during the season opener for Island Consort.

Fungi fever grips South Whidbey activities

Only a few steps into the Wilbert Trail at South Whidbey State Park, Ida Gianopulos is already rooting through the decaying matter of a fallen tree trying to find any sign of fungi.

Clinton pushes for Ferry Dock Road changes, awaiting port study

Despite a handful of “for lease” signs that dot Highway 525, a group of a dozen people is vigorously working to spark growth in Clinton.

Whidbey General Hospital hopefuls make affiliation plans clear, Langley mayoral candidates say ‘no’ to funicular, ‘yes’ to diversifying economy

Six people hoping to fill three positions in the general election this November answered a string of questions during a forum hosted by The Record on Wednesday night in Langley. Before a crowd of about 70 people at Langley United Methodist Church’s Fellowship Hall, four candidates for two spots on the Whidbey General Hospital board of commissioners and the two Langley mayoral candidates responded to inquiries about their leadership style, what they want to improve and change, and where they want to take their respective agencies in the coming years.

The Record to hold election forum tonight

Election season is ramping up with the first of three October forums taking place on the South End on Wednesday, Sept. 30. Hosted by The Record, candidates in three contested positions will answer questions from Record editor Justin Burnett and from the audience.

Trek for the troops – Retired Army man gears up for cross-country walk

Retired Army man gears up for cross-country walk to draw attention to veterans’ struggles

Bunny battle divides Village by the Sea

With the city, port and school district waiting to declare a course of action on what some fear is a runaway rabbit population, it appears regular citizens are willing and ready to become Velveteen vigilantes.

Hot jazz goes on at DjangoFest Northwest

DjangoFest Northwest, one of the premier gypsy jazz festivals in the country, is still going on with evening performances tonight, Saturday and Sunday, in addition to daily workshops and impromptu "djams" around Langley.

Langley UGA change dispute settled with county’s help

Amid discord and disagreement between Langley City Hall and the planning advisory board over how much land was needed for growth, the city council agreed Monday to wait for clarification on several points from county experts before making a decision.

DjangoFest Northwest: Immersing Langley in gypsy jazz

The sounds of plucked guitars, thrumming bass and tinny snare drums, plus accordions, piano and plenty of horns will wash over Langley as DjangoFest Northwest returns for its 15th year.

Council prioritizes seniors, economy in 2016

The Langley City Council’s priorities for the 2016 budget shared a handful of small tasks and noticeably omitted some of the major lingering issues.

Agriculture, fireworks among top worries during commissioner visit

Getting fireworks restricted was a uniformly endorsed topic during Island County Commissioner Helen Price Johnson’s informal chat with constituents in Clinton on Thursday.