Jessie Stensland

Ciscoe Morris woos Freeland Ace

Washington’s wackiest gardener recently visited Freeland Ace. Ciscoe Morris was in town for a couple of hours for a book signing and gardening tips. Freeland Ace won the visit through a KIRO radio raffle drawing.

Accused Greenbank wife killer pleads not guilty

Accused murderer Robert “Al” Baker pleaded not guilty Monday to murdering his wife.

After 9 years, justice served as Huden gets 80 years

The man who planned and carried out a murder on a secluded South Whidbey road at Christmastime nine years ago finally faced justice in a courtroom Tuesday morning.

Suspected wife killer’s arraignment fails again

The Greenbank man and pizza joint owner accused of killing his wife and hiding her body in a tarp is having trouble retaining an attorney.

Haugen’s opponent disowns mailers

A state senator and her opponent in this year’s campaign are both upset about a series of mailers that criticize the incumbent and distort some of the facts.

Whidbey voters slow in returning election ballots early

With the earliest primary in state history, some people involved in political campaigns in Island County are concerned about voter participation for the Aug. 7 primary election.

Freeland man who stabbed his parents pleads guilty

A Freeland man who stabbed both of his parents at their Bush Point Terrace home last October has entered guilty pleas in connection with a plea bargain.

Two men face rape charges with South End girl

Two 27-year-old men are facing child rape charges for having sex with the same underage South Whidbey girl, court documents indicate.

Law & justice tax refusal sparks turmoil among Island County leaders

The strained relationship between key law-and-justice figures and the Island County commissioners was evident at a charged meeting this past Wednesday that culminated when an administrative assistant was cut off while reading Commissioner Angie Homola’s letter to the board.

Greenbank blogger criticizes Whidbey EMS levy

A Greenbank attorney is waging a one-man battle against a renewal of a popular levy that funds ambulances and other emergency medical services on Whidbey Island.

Woman with guns runs into trouble on South End

Deputies arrested a 48-year-old Langley woman Monday who was chasing a hallucination around her neighbor’s yard while high on various drugs and armed with a handgun, court documents indicate.

Notorious South end murder case goes to trial

One of two people charged in a South Whidbey murder case that’s received national attention will go on trial next week. James Huden, 55, is accused of first-degree murder in the 2003 Christmastime shooting death of Russel Douglas, a 31-year-old father of two. The trial is set to start with jury selection on Tuesday, July 10.

Prosecutor charges Baker with first-degree murder | UPDATE

The Island County Prosecutor’s Office charged 61-year-old Greenbank resident Robert “Al” Baker Wednesday with first-degree murder, a domestic-violence crime with a deadly weapon enhancement and an aggravating factor.

Murder of pizza shop co-owner shocks Freeland

Greenbank resident Kathie Baker was hit in the head, possibly with a ball-peen hammer, and strangled with a ligature before her body was wrapped in a tarp and dumped in a ravine, according to court records.

Cable, plants may trip up Admiralty Inlet turbine project

The proximity of rare plants and an international communications cable may present obstacles for a plan to locate tidal turbines in Admiralty Inlet. The Snohomish County Public Utility District submitted a final license application in March to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a permit to install two energy-producing turbines in Admiralty Inlet. The proposed location is one kilometer west of Central Whidbey’s Keystone Harbor.

Citizens, cops want sales tax for Island County police

A group of citizens, government officials and cops is recommending that Island County commissioners ask voters to increase the sales tax to fund extra deputies, extra police cars and other needs within the law and justice community.

Honeymoon Lake goose-nappers grab gaggle before executioners can

A gaggle of geese marked for death was goose-napped in a clandestine operation on Honeymoon Lake on Wednesday night.

Freeland man violates order, faces prison

A 27-year-old Freeland man will go to prison after his seventh conviction for violating a court order that bars him from contacting a teenage girl. Joshua Kolbet pleaded guilty in Island County Superior Court May 21 to a felony violation of a no-contact order, a domestic violence crime.

Effort mounts to save geese on Honeymoon Lake

Plans to kill a few geese and goslings that annoy some residents of a Greenbank lake community have upset fans of the waterfowl and spawned an online petition drive to save them. Board members of the Honeymoon Lake Community recently signed a contract with a federal agency to euthanize the four adult geese and three goslings that took up residence on the lake this spring. The board caused a stir last summer by bringing in federal agents to kill 19 honkers that lived there at that time and upset some residents by pooping on lawns.

Clinton woman takes plea in shotgun murder case

A 41-year-old Clinton woman accused of being an accomplice in the shotgun murder of her boyfriend's wife pleaded guilty to a lesser charge today in Whatcom County Superior Court. Kara Jo Buchanan confessed in a phone message to shooting the Bellingham resident last July. She attempted to kill herself by slitting her wrists, but deputies found her wandering the beach at Double Bluff on Whidbey. She was transported to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle for treatment.