Jim Freeman

A heartfelt homage to Hearts & Hammers | ALL ABOARD

Once a year, on the first Saturday of May, an extreme goodness fills the air, an extreme goodness that began 19 years ago when 90 Hearts and Hammers volunteers broke bread, backs and brawn to repair 17 South Whidbey homes.


Trouble in Paradise or just another day therein? | ALL ABOARD

A couple of weeks ago during morning coffee with the boys, I noticed after a few lukewarm sips that I was the only one at… Continue reading


Just like Fantasy Island, but without Ricardo Montalbán | ALL ABOARD

In anticipation of next Sunday’s broadcast of the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony, last week I sent my annual Oscar e-mail to fellow film buffs and buffettes, soliciting their votes for our annual Loose Caboose Fantasy Oscar Awards.


Actually, you really can tell a book by its cover | ALL ABOARD

The older I get, the more I seem to be enjoying stillness. Stillness was not part of our upbringing.

Tiger Rag: More information you probably cannot use | ALL ABOARD

Given that 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, celebrated by the Chinese and others around the world, it only seems natural to honor the Tiger, symbol of boldness and brevity, as we share Five Important Things I Learned in 2010.

Our roots: Rediscovering, reveling and celebrating! | ALL ABOARD

The human memory, fragilely reliable as it is, is oft-times affected by one or more of the following: perception, retention, repetition and age.

As Cole Porter wisely wrote: ‘It’s friendship, friendship’ | ALL ABOARD

Remember that song we were all taught in grade school?

If the Fanny Bank went broke, would it get a bailout? | ALL ABOARD

During our recent heat wave of octogenarian temperatures, I was reminded of one of the simpler pleasantries — shopping by catalog.In our childhood years during… Continue reading

What would Dr. Freud would think of Dr. Amen? | ALL ABOARD

The other day I received an e-mail from a friend of mine suggesting that I take a free online test which would help determine the… Continue reading

My Momma done told me, when I was in knee pants | ALL ABOARD

As usual, last Sunday’s Mother’s Day was filled with joyful reminiscence.Ever since our Mom died unexpectedly, 41 years ago today, Mother’s Day has been a… Continue reading

In pursuit of justice: My judicious search for lunch | ALL ABOARD

Ever have an opportunity to serve as a juror?“Jury service” had new meaning for me recently as our 40-plus person Superior Court jurors’ pool emptied… Continue reading

Ah, Spring: recalling friends, fighters and forsythia | ALL ABOARD

Last Thursday, at high noon at the Freeland Café, I had the pleasure of sharing a great brunch, a little time and a lot of… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Apologies to Frost, Sandburg, Whitman and Bugs Bunny

A couple of weeks ago, I experienced one of my greatest South Whidbey observations during my almost three decades on this non-floating mountain top.It was… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | As Richard III said: My kingdom for a Perry Como album

Ever since birth, at least as far as my own is concerned, life has been a series of left-hand turns into the right places.Last Sunday… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Smoking elephants, warmed-over lawyers and 9-irons

Now that it seems dark by 4:30 every afternoon, causing me to feel like bedding down before 7 p.m., I have really been enjoying my… Continue reading