Jim Freeman

ALL ABOARD | A porch! A porch! My kingdom for a porch!

Last week’s dog and house sitting for friends way up there in Greenbank reminded me that a porch is a much better place for reflecting… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Coping with the recession without depression

Lately, life seems to be series of forced adjustments.Several of us have portfolios that have burst starboard.Many of us have savings accounts that have turned… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Old Yeller: No, not the movie, just little old me

No matter what day you read this, if my today is any indication, tomorrow will be a lot better.I yelled at people today.I usually only… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | March Madness: In like a lion, out with a poem

This could be my first column written while tired.Tired of dribbling.Tired of the sound of squeaking tennis shoes.Tired of bubbly cheerleaders, angry coaches and basketball… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Destination Imagination: From sea to shining see

Last weekend was a gentle reminder that life is grand even if we’ve all lost a few.The first Saturday of every March, a magical experience… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Bad News Bear: My life as a juiced up fourth-grader

Now that A-Rod has admitted to the use of steroids to become A-Bod, I feel the need to come clean with you readers and nonreaders… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Ancient Mariners and other amazing stories of old

Now that the Mariners are in Spring Training, we can all look forward to the Puget Sound’s Hall of Fame voice Dave Niehaus and the… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | A standing ovation for Whidbey Island: Double wow!

To say that living here is heartwarming, even in the winter, would be an understatement.So, without overdoing it, let me rephrase my understatement.Whidbey Island wows!Last… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Roxy Etherton: Ben Franklin would be proud!

So how was your Super Bowl weekend?Did your team win?Lose?Do you have a team?We saw a great team in action this past weekend in Greenbank.Last… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | The grand total of the numbers in this column is 19,732.7

One of the joys of the New Year is getting my new calendar ready.First, I transfer all the birthdays.That makes certain that if I was… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | The shape of things to come is here, there and everywhere

As the soon to be 44th President of the United States stated in his acceptance speech last summer in Denver, birthplace of my birth, “At… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Slipping into the New Year

Given that this is my last published column of calendar year 2008, I feel pressure to make this entry really dynamic, something that the previous… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Phobia, oh phobia, where art thou oh phobia?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been a tad down lately.Since our folks have been gone, the holidays don’t seem the same.Now that our… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Dishing dirt with Charlie and Leon, who needs a dish?

While sitting around the caboose the other afternoon, instead of enjoying our splendidly sporadic December sunshine, it occurred to me, since I was alone at… Continue reading

ALL ABOARD | Long may we wave with one hand at a time

Ever notice how much waving goes on around here?Are you one of those drivers that likes to wave at folks you know who are driving… Continue reading