Jim Freeman

ALL ABOARD: A modern art form – driving in reverse

While backing my sometime-later-to-be-paid-for truck up a hill today, I realized once again how much I enjoy backing up. Not just remembering, mind you, or mind me, but the sheer joy of doing a good job backing up your vehicle, be it your car, your truck, your rig, your boat, your trailer or your riding mower.

ALL ABOARD: The not-so-nice thrice price of rice?

Before we get started, although it certainly seems as if we have, let me thank you who have had the bold courtesy to say that you were glad I am back writing weekly non-necessities for the non-masses.

ALL ABOARD: Deep fried, pan fried and sun dried in the Heartland

Greetings from our Hoosier home front.

ALL ABOARD: The latest from Indiana: Bed, bath and beyond

Despite my good intentions to share some significant historical observations from last week’s tour of the Studebaker Museum in South Bend, Ind., I must hold the press on this to discuss the recent reminders experienced first hand of sharing a bathroom with three women.

ALL ABOARD: It’s 3 a.m., I make the phone call and who answers?

Last Saturday night, upon returning from a day of fun in the Coupeville sun, I realized again how difficult it is to wind down when one is wound up.

‘Sock It To Me Baby’ and other Dr. Scholl’s tales | Jim Freeman

As I age, somewhere to the left of graciously, I find it amusing that I have, in recent years, begun to sacrifice style for function. Maybe after developing one’s own style, it is less necessary to borrow the alleged style of others. Last Wednesday, after successfully solo laundromating in that city north of us that none of us want to be seen in, I journeyed by Big 5 to say “hello” to Diane. A few months back, when I last made an emergency run to Wally World for mindless gifts, I purchased my first ever pair of Dr. Scholl’s shoes from her. Either my feet are swelling as I age or my fourth-grade socks no longer fit.

Tuning in to ‘This week on South Whidbey’ | Jim Freeman

Jim Freeman says thanks again for showing up.