Kate Daniel

Island Christian Academy students explore electives passions

This past week at Island Christian Academy, a group of 14 students learned the basics of how to catch a crook.

South Whidbey hikers express symbiotic relationship with nature

Whether the skies are clear and bright with sunshine or grey and pouring rain, Barbara Powell and her dog and hiking partner, Echo, take to the trails for their twice-daily walk. Powell is one of several South Whidbey residents who regularly treks the island’s numerous parks, beaches and trail systems.

Sound Waters conference to discuss ‘all things Puget Sound’

Whidbey Island’s ecosystem is one of its most unique and delicate features. Oceanic and land-based flora and fauna intertwine in a complex chain, each link reliant upon the others to maintain the wellbeing of the whole.

Fiber arts program weaves new skills into students

Sheep may not be masters of arithmetic, and goats may not be adept business strategists. But students at South Whidbey Academy are learning lessons in these and a variety of other subjects through study of these animals, and their fibers.

Northwest Language Academy rings in the new year with Zen

Members of the Northwest Language Academy and Cultural Center are inviting South Whidbey residents to ring in the new year with reflection and rejuvenation. The center is hosting its fourth annual Zen New Year’s Celebration, a collaboration with the Tahoma One Drop Zen Monastery in Freeland, at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 28, at the Langley academy.

South Whidbey Parks puts freeze on 2015 skiing program

A lack of snow and registrants alike prompted the South Whidbey Parks and Recreation District to cancel this year’s SnowRider Ski Bus program.

Homelessness remains a problem on South End

All Jennifer Cambra wanted for Christmas was a home for her family, enough gas to drive her ailing mother to the doctor and a sense of security for her 10-year-old twins.

South Whidbey residents honor King by giving back

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, about 20 South Whidbey residents gathered at the Good Cheer Garden for a day of service Monday morning. One of Dr. King’s famous quotes reads, “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: ‘What are you doing for others?’ ” Each year, Americans across the country take time on their day off from school or work to serve the betterment of their communities. This year, President Barack Obama also issued an address urging Americans “to observe this day with appropriate civic, community, and service projects in honor of Dr. King.”

Scholarly LARPers hold first battle

Queen Kristina Madrid and King Bryce Auburn assembled their warriors, readied their weapons and prepared to charge into battle. Cries of friendly provocation and excitement rang out as a group of nine South Whidbey High School students rushed towards one another from opposite sides of the field at Castle Park, swords raised, axes — and one comically large fake lobster claw — wielded.

Clinton glass artist’s work to be featured on national TV

Glassworker Dennis Meszaros is buzzing with enthusiasm over one of his latest projects. The Clinton resident recently assisted with the build of a honeycomb-shaped treehouse in Woodinville, Wash., as a part of Animal Planet’s TV series “Treehouse Masters.”

Never stop moving: Langley dance teacher honors her mentor’s legacy

When Langley choreographer and dance teacher Daunne Bacon Zinger herniated two of the discs of her spine, doctors told her she would likely never dance again. But Bacon Zinger heeded the words of her idol, jazz dance icon Luigi Faccuito; she never stopped moving.

South Whidbey trio takes farm-to-table movement on the road

Lacey Thompson and Clinton residents Chris Vulk and Brittany Keylon share a dream to own a business which will provide accessible, versatile whole food to South Whidbey. They hope to provide convenient, delicious meals to residents stepping off the ferry or attending an arts festival or farmers market.

Feathered friends: South Whidbey birders take stock of avian population

The Christmas count is the longest running citizen science survey in the world and provides important data on avian population trends.

South Whidbey woman shares story of homelessness

As patrons of the Island Church of Whidbey soup kitchen finished their meals, lively piano music mingled with the scents and sounds of lunchtime as one amicable young woman nimbly tickled the ivory keys. Like many of the soup kitchen visitors, she is without a home.

Washington’s poet laureate comes to WICA

Elizabeth Austen jokes that her mid-life crisis came a little early. Nearly 20 years ago, the Shakespearean trained actor and former thespian put down her stage makeup and picked up a pen, trading her acting and dance theater career for the life of a poet.

Santa water skis on Deer Lake

South Whidbey received an unconventional visit from Saint Nick this Christmas. Jordyn Kelley, a 7th grader and Langley resident, donned a Santa costume and took to the waters of Deer Lake on her water skis.

South End teachers find support in online education

Laura Spear felt she needed to make a change. Spear, a social worker living in Enterprise, Ore., had spent the last several years visiting the homes of families in crisis, delivering curriculum to parents, many of whom had had their children removed from the home by Child Protective Services. “I found that the children I was working with were not ready for kindergarten,” Spear recalled, expressing that she felt somewhat helpless as she was only able to spend about one hour a week with the kids.

Langley couple helps doctor revive a community

The Mayans call him a saint. The doctor, Sergio Castro, has spent the past 51 years tending to the peoples’ medical, educational and basic needs.

Groups work to relocate osprey nest from South Whidbey football field

A couple of ospreys will be returning from their southern migration to a brand new nest location come springtime.

South Whidbey kids chat about Christmas

The Record spoke with first graders at South Whidbey Elementary about Santa, the North Pole and Christmas morning rituals.