Margaret Walton

Pesky pickle? Cagey caper? I have a gadget for that | WHIDBEY RECIPES

“Gadget: A small specialized mechanical device, a contrivance.“Gadgeteer: A person who designs, builds or delights in the use of gadgets.“Gadgetry: Gadgets collectively.”According to my American… Continue reading

Our country and our lives changed forever on that sad September day | WHIDBEY RECIPES

When the phone rang on the morning of Sept. 11, nine years ago, and I heard my sister’s voice screaming into the phone, I panicked.… Continue reading

Generation gap is more like a canyon | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Push, pull, push, pull, use even strokes and stay within the lines. Now circles, spiral after spiral across the page; keep them even, uniform and… Continue reading

Head for the fair, but be careful what you take home | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Ever since they were babies, two of our granddaughters have come across the pond every August to spend Island County Fair weekend with us. One… Continue reading

Come out of your shell: All clams are not created equal | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Some of the lowest tides of the year occur during our summer months, and the last of those is coming up.There’ll be other low tides,… Continue reading

Civet-created coffee is super spendy: $200 a pound | WHIDBEY RECIPES

It’s back. Civet poop coffee is back in the news, now given the stamp of approval by the Indonesian Ulema Council, which recently declared that… Continue reading

Newly minted graduates should get ready to expect the unexpected | WHIDBEY RECIPES

This next Saturday afternoon at four o’clock, in the Comcast Arena in Everett, John and I will watch one of our six granddaughters graduate from… Continue reading

Tap-dancing can certainly fix what ails you | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Last week I rambled on about hydrogen peroxide and all the problems it could solve. Well, this week I’m on the same path, only today I want to share a cure for things such as tension, the blues, feeling lonesome, the desire for something new in your life, a need to exercise more but you don’t like gyms, the doldrums and possibly one or two other problems I can’t think of right now. If any or all of these ailments are plaguing you, you need look no further for a solution than a new pair of shoes. I can hear you groaning; “Oh, criminy, she’s not going to use that old saw about a woman curing her blues by buying new shoes or a new hat, is she?” No, I’m not, but this particular cure does involve a pair of shoes that you may not have in your closet now. You may have had them at one point in your life, but not now. I’m talking about a pair of tap shoes, and don’t moan, and quit reading because I’m serious and hope you’ll at least hear me out. And what I’m about to tell you is for men as well as women.

Familiar brown bottle is chock full of simple solutions | WHIDBEY RECIPES

As I was pawing through an overcrowded cupboard looking for a bottle of spot cleaner, I came across a tall, dark brown bottle, shoved toward… Continue reading

The Mom I never knew: Secrets from a little brown book | WHIDBEY RECIPES

After my mother died and we were going through what was left of her 98 years of life, at the bottom of her ancient cedar… Continue reading

Women always get blamed for shaking up the world | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Ever since Eve got mixed up with that sly serpent in the Garden of Eden, women have been blamed for many things and called by… Continue reading

Looking for a better life? Expert says to try a little happiness | WHIDBEY RECIPES

A woman named Gretchen Rubin, attorney, former Supreme Court clerk and author, has been much in the news lately after her book, “The Happiness Project,”… Continue reading

For an Easter brunch or Passover supper, your guests will flip over flapjacks | WHIDBEY RECIPES

Passover began yesterday and Easter is just around the corner, which means it’s time for pancakes, or perhaps you call them flapjacks.Ever since I can… Continue reading