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Atwitter over hedgerows: Networks at work in the ground and beyond | TIDAL LIFE

This month I’ve been ensnared in planning hedgerows.Sustainable landscaping is part of a low-impactdevelopment project, so I called local wildlife biologist Russell Link, author of… Continue reading


Practical protection: The best defense is a good offense | TIDAL LIFE

As my last several columns have looked at the bigger picture I’d like to get back to writing about something practical.Trouble is, I’ve been so… Continue reading


What goes up must come down: birds and ideas, a natural history | TIDAL LIFE

Sometimes, a column comes together by dint of diligent planning, an awesome idea, some fine-tuned research and first-hand experience.Other times, like now,I flounder with no… Continue reading


TIDAL LIFE | A few sunny February days and island minds turn to mulch

Garden planning season is upon us. Fruit trees are on sale at nurseries, seed packets are showing up in local stores, daffodil tips are poking… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE | What we talk about when we talk about Puget Sound

The food writer M.F.K. Fisher once wrote: “Sharing food with another human being is an intimate act that should not be indulged in lightly.”If you… Continue reading

Living near the sea, access to the shore is everything | TIDAL LIFE

My friend Annabel told me I should write an essay on “Seven reasons we all love to be beside the sea.” Intrigued by the idea, I started a list and found it’s not at all hard to come up with 77 reasons. I’m still adding to that list.

Look out: Something scary could be coming this way | TIDAL LIFE

Boo! Is there a trickster creeping through the neighborhood?

TIDAL LIFE | On not doing a whack job on our underwater weeds

Ah, the piercing call of the string trimmer, another sign of spring.I’ve never embraced weed whacking. The smell of the gas engine, the weight on… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE | On the waterfront: The other view of the view

Anybody find a kayak paddle?Brass-colored shaft, bright orange end fin thingies? That’s mine.Yes, I’ve once again contributed some plastic and aluminum to the great mass… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE: Green is good, except up there

It happens every year. I ignore it as long as I can, pretending I’m on an alternative architecture tour admiring a living roof. Lush, verdant, it’s a little meadow that harvests rainwater and contributes oxygen to the atmosphere. But really that green isn’t supposed to be up there. Time to clean the roof.

The what, why and who of where the land meets the sea | TIDAL LIFE

In any discussion of the island environment, I hear over and over two terms that remind me of comedian Arsenio Hall’s famous question, “Why is… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE | Waterfront Omnium-Gatherum: A miscellaneous collection accumulates and then is blown away

Toward the end of a year, the mind of a modern columnist tends to dream up lists. All those 100 best of articles will start… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE: Whidbey is some place; keep up the good work

OK, let’s get through the business part quickly and on to the fun stuff.If you winterize your hot tub, boat, RV or what have you… Continue reading

Certain disaster: Greenies wreck island economy by saving forest | TIDAL LIFE

Now they’ve done it: 664 acres that could be adding revenue to county coffers will forever be removed from the tax rolls. That, judging from… Continue reading

How to cheat at enviro-living: First step, steal the idea for a column | TIDAL LIFE

In need of a refresher on pruning technique, I stopped in at my second home, the Freeland Library.No sooner had I cast my eyes toward… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE: The story on the water

One day last August, after snorkeling off our Holmes Harbor beach, my son stood dripping on the lawn.“What happened to the eelgrass?” he said.“What about… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE | Pickled or parboiled, this is going to change the way we eat oysters

Stopping pollution is a good thing, regardless of whether it’s found to be the final cause of dead zones or polar- ice loss.

TIDAL LIFE: The edible color purple

When my shovel started turning up unusual purplish clams, I tossed them back in the hole with hardly a thought. But as the number increased and invasive species became news,

TIDAL LIFE | Succumbing to a touch of the fever as the seasons turn

There are days, more than I’d like to count, when I feel like I’m living in a Talking Heads song.The seasons turn and I wake… Continue reading

TIDAL LIFE: Hey, you! Gardener! Leave that tree alone

“Your madrones look pretty good,” Jim said. Chainsaw idling, he stood beside a pile of firewood and brush, the remains of my dead fir.I froze,… Continue reading