Susan Knickerbocker

HOMETOWN HERO | Mastering the art of understanding

Peace in the world just may be possible. If we all seek first to understand, rather than to be understood. People that have encountered Norma Smith describe her as an empathic listener with the desire to understand others. Whether she is volunteering with her youth group, mentoring young adults or serving in the political world, Smith asks questions and listens with no other agenda than to comprehend.

Every job is an opportunity to serve

Every job is an opportunity to serve humanity. It’s not the job title we hold, but how we do our job that counts.With today’s economy,… Continue reading

A willingness to serve others

Some try to stand out, others remain prepared to stand in for others when help is needed.When these stand-in people are around, problems seem to… Continue reading

Hometown Hero advocates for more appreciation in the world

What the world needs now … is more appreciation, not just for some but for everyone. Janice O’Mahony believes there is not enough appreciation in the world.

HOMETOWN HERO: She uses honey, not vinegar

Hometown Hero Laura Price volunteers in this community, not only lending her expertise, but making a lasting effect on others by treating everyone with honey instead of vinegar.

HOMETOWN HERO: Mother Earth and Boy Scout, too

Loretta Wilson embodies all of the qualities of a Boy Scout, says neighbor Pat Connors.

HOMETOWN HERO: Native son goes the extra mile daily

What’s it take to go the extra mile?

He tells them they can do anything

Dennis Hunter’s passion is to help people to feel significant for who they are and in what they do.