Letter: Book illustrates risk that Marxism presents to U.S.


I recently subscribed to Whidbey News-Times. On only my second issue, and in response to Elizabeth Guss, I saw an image of Fox News being disgraced with no supporting data, as well as the Marxist-based CRT being pushed in the letters to the editor section.

Most should know that Wikipedia is not a source of facts. Ask any college student if they can use Wikipedia as a source and the answer will be a resounding “no.” Critical Race Theory is the teaching of racism itself.

If we wish to live in a color blind society as Martin Luther King wished us to, there is no place for the grouping of individuals based on skin color and the projection of labels upon them for the purpose of social reorganizing.

Though I did not have the opportunity to visit the Whidbey Island Fair in Langley this weekend, the candidate booth described in the letter is on the right track and I hope he/she reads “American Marxism” by Mark R. Levin.

I recommend everyone read “American Marxism,” which sites factual sources on this issue in order to be better informed on where it actually came from and how and why it is being used to transform our great nation into social classes that oppose each other.

Erick Wilcox