Letter: Candidate regrets ‘evil woman’ comment


In a recent Whidbey News-Times, South Whidbey Record article, (May 25 issue), about a local campaign event, I am quoted as referring to Commissioner Janet St. Clair as an evil woman. I want to say that I deeply regret that comment. While Ms. St. Clair and I have political viewpoints on opposite ends of the spectrum I do respect her. It was an extremely poor choice of words on my part, and I offer my apology to Ms. St. Clair. I am sorry to have made such a cruel statement. I can only hope that she can find it in her heart to accept that apology and forgive it.

In another statement, the article leads with it, the reporter points out that I said that what the board needed was a man on it. The reporter failed to write my remarks in their entirety. I stated that a man offers a unique perspective on issues and brings a different point of view to discussions. This statement was not intended to be derogatory to women in any way, nor was it meant to imply that the current sitting members of the board are not capable of fulfilling their duties due to their gender. I was only saying that we need diverse viewpoints on issues, nothing more and nothing less.

In closing I can say that in the future my words will be more carefully chosen, and I look forward to a robust campaign season. May the best person prevail.

Rick Hannold, North Whidbey

Candidate, Island County Commissioner