Letter: Claims about Omicron arrogant and unsubstantiated


I am responding to Al William’s Jan. 5 letter, “Omicron may be a blessing in disguise.”

Mr. Williams – or should we call him Doc Williams? – is making many unsubstantiated claims and assurances, the biggest (and baddest) being that Omicron will make COVID less “bad,” and if left on its own, will make us all immune.

I don’t know what Doc Williams’ medical or scientific credentials are – or where he found them on the Internet – but what he’s saying strikes me as the height of arrogance and ignorance.

First, we know that COVID changes, but there is no guarantee – none! – that it won’t get worse with the next variant. Further, any good doctor – or normal, thinking person – knows that we need to fight a viral disease on all possible fronts, including wearing masks, keeping a healthy and respectful distance, finding effective treatments, and getting vaccinated!

Even our former president says that our current vaccines, a.k.a. the ‘Trump Vaccines,” are the best way to overcome COVID! And he’s gotten his booster shot to prove it!

So, if Doc Williams now wants to take issue with our former president, or if he thinks that Omicron will make the media say exactly what Doc wants it to, and that it will also bring down our insurance premiums, then he needs to get on a much bigger soap box than this paper: he should register his complaints (along with his evidence and credentials) with the Republican Party – or to a county, state or federal health official.

David Freed