Letter: Democrats don’t want other ideas heard


It appears I have stirred up the CNN crowd. Apparently by bringing up both the border, and the death of Ashley Babbitt I rank along side Benedict Arnold. I’m sorry you feel that way, but I only ask that all the facts be brought out so we can decide just who did what, on what authority it was done, and stop the collusion between the political class, mainstream media and tech companies telling us what to believe.

I, too, am nostalgic for the days when news outlets reported the news, when it was news, and not when it suited their narrative. I know that ignoring or censoring what we are allowed to see, hear or believe is what the Bill of Rights was designed to prevent. Sadly, Democrats seem to think only their ideology is worthy of publication. Any utterance that is outside the agenda is “racist,” “homophobic” or hurts someone’s feelings.

Don’t think I am giving Republicans a pass on this. By not calling out this stupidity, they are cowardly and complicit in the act. Too much of what is wrong with our government is because of the ease of passing the buck in Washington.

So yes, I would probably fit the “leftist” idea of traitor and I would love to discuss it further, but I am on my way to Delaware to stash more secret documents in Biden’s garage.

Fred Wilferth