Letter: Doing nothing leads to path of destruction


In a recent letter to the editor, Mr. Hickey, expressed disbelief in Washington state efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. I agree that cleaning up our bit of paradise won’t be as meaningful as China and India cleaning up their backyards. What I can’t agree with is the implication that we shouldn’t.

I firmly believe that the best thing we can do is that which is within our control. We can clean up Whidbey Island and Island County. I am not saying that I can clean up the Island or the County. That is beyond my control. I can only clean up the bit of paradise that I inhabit.

I learned this lesson from my parents. They constantly tried to make every place we lived in a better place than they found it. I am determined to do the same on our island. Reducing our family’s carbon footprint will make a difference. I choose to do this because it is the right thing to do. I chose this because I could do this economically and practically.

Yes, EVs are more expensive than “conventional” vehicles, so not everyone can currently afford to take this path. Prices will come down. Yes, some people have commutes that won’t allow them to choose an EV. I am not asking anyone to do things that cause them economic or physical pain. I suggest doing what they can. That the State is making it easier for everyone to do the right thing is a benefit to us all.

Since switching to an EV, I noticed that my costs have gone down. Most service intervals only require replacing the cabin filter and rotating the tires. There are no oil changes, no air/oil/fuel filters, and no coolant. Here in PSE country we pay about 0.05/kWh. To charge my EV requires 60 kWh or about $3 at between 3.5 and 4 miles/kWh that converts into about 210-240 miles.

My point is simply, I can do good things for our environment without breaking the bank or causing me extra stress. Choosing to do nothing because others aren’t is a path to destruction. If my contribution is small, that’s only because I can control only what I do. I choose to do good despite others doing ill. I hope you will join me in doing good, for the good of our grandchildren and our bit of paradise.

David Stenberg