Letter: Grone acts in best interest of community


I am submitting this letter to be published in support of a wonderful candidate campaigning for commissioner of Island County, District 1.

While living in Langley from 2012 to 2022, I had the privilege of not only calling Wanda Grone my friend for the last 10 years, but also had the good fortune to work alongside her and have her as my mentor in my position as an Island County deputy treasurer for over four years while she held the distinguished role as the Island County treasurer.

Wanda is the embodiment of what the citizens of Island County need and deserve in a commissioner who will speak and act on their behalf.

Wanda Grone had instilled in me as my mentor, that the role we play in working for the community of Island County is one of integrity, transparency, accountability and to always keep our moral compass intact when serving those who have put their trust in us.

This mission statement in a sense, has continued to guide Wanda and is apparent in all she does personally and professionally, which is evident in her current role as financial director for the city of Langley. I can guarantee that the city of Langley is more than grateful for the value she has provided in the work she has put forward on behalf of the Langley community.

So in closing, I would like to say to those registered voters who have been disenchanted with elected officials who have not acted in their best interest and are looking for a candidate who will provide them with accountability, transparency, and the integrity to do what is right for the Citizens of Island County who call Whidbey Island home, elect Wanda Grone as commissioner of District 1

Roberta Happel

Goodyear, Arizona