Letter: Leave the deer alone, just let them roam


This is in response to the March 5 story on Coupeville’s deer population.

First, it is not everyone’s opinion that there is a deer overpopulation, and they certainly are not domesticated. Deer are naturally curious animals. Stop reading their behavior in human terms.

Humans stare, chase and point at deer, and that is absolutely the wrong thing to do. Staring at an animal is a seriously perceived threat. No wonder they get “aggressive” in people’s terms.

Leave them alone, they will wander away.

Here is the bottom line. People regurgitate myths about deer behavior and what can be done. Educate yourself.

The majority of residents tolerate and even like the deer and do not want to see them killed. The anti-deer people are obsessed and need to find something more important to obsess about.

The deer have just as much right to be here as humans do.

I am against killing any of them unless injured or illness.

And I sure don’t want hunters wandering the streets with bows and arrows, traps or guns. It is barbaric and wrong.

I am against any fine for feeding animals and becoming a police state with neighbor spying on neighbor.

Feral cats must be captured, neutered and returned to live their lives. A trap and release program is the only way to stop feral cat colonies unless spay and neuter laws are created and strictly enforced.

There is no excuse to stop feeding them, they will only eat birds and other creatures and continue to breed.

Feral cats are caused by selfish, ignorant humans. We have a responsibility to protect these cats and stop the cycle. Spay and neuter should be mandatory and at no cost.

Michelle Peacock


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