Letter: Letters to editor have been nonsense lately


I really look forward to reading, Letters to the Editor, in the Whidbey News-Times. But lately content has been lacking. For example, there was a letter about Mr. Oak Harbor, and while the message was positive, it was like reading a genealogy from 1st Chronicles in the Bible. With all the names listed, it felt like one begat and kinship after another.

And then, the always unbiased letter from Nancy Mayer, who after all these years, is still in denial of Trump’s greatness. She even had the audacity to state that Trump, “is not a god” while then going on to describe all the attributes of most gods, such as “flawed, selfish, loud man who cares only about himself. If you dare criticize him you end up on his enemies list forever and according to him should not be allowed to live.”

I’d rather read about banning fireworks, and the harm using plastic bags cause to the environment than the above nonsense. Let’s get it together, Whidbey News-Times.

Jimmy Sloan

Oak Harbor