Letter: Only Trump can save our democracy


I wonder what is in the water that these progressives drink. The current talking point is that Republicans (not just extreme right-wing conservatives) are bent on destroying democracy. By what standards do they think democracy will be destroyed? That MSNBC played a statement by President Trump that he would be within his rights to take revenge on his persecutors. Of course, they failed to play the entire statement which concluded that would not be his method and would be counterproductive for healing the country’s downward spiral.

I would point out that the things progressives accuse Republicans of are precisely what they are doing to #45. The recent conviction that they tout as proof of a crime is laughable. Alvin Bragg cobbled together a bunch of misdemeanors whose statute of limitations had run out, were committed by a perjurer and claimed they were committed to conceal a larger crime to be named later. I won’t hold my breath waiting to find out what crime was concealed, but I surmise it was beating Hillary Clinton in 2016. The judge and jury were hand picked, and the jury instructions should have been, “You’ve sat through this circus, now go and convict Trump.”

For the crime of beating Hillary, Trump has had to put up with two impeachments, raids on his home, fictitious charges of crimes never before brought against anyone and the ire of the permanent state and their minions at CNN, MSNBC, ABC, etc.

Meanwhile, the current president has committed multiple violations of his oath of office, has weakened our national sovereignty and brought us to the edge of WWIII. The inflation we all experience is on his doorstep. He has weaponized the Justice Department, CIA, FBI and the IRS. If that isn’t anti-democratic then I don’t know what is.

As a result, I and many others are cheering for the republic to be healed by putting Trump back into the White House, and in doing so, save what little Democracy we have left.

Fred Wilferth