Letter: Paris Accord is a dismal failure that gives false hope


I enjoyed reading Robert Boenish’s letter to the editor where Bob took on two Eds with one stone. If patronizing others and being arrogant equated to intelligence, Robert would be a modern-day Einstein.

I won’t try and match wits with such a fellow perusing newspaper articles and drinking coffee. I like to read Mad magazine and drink chocolate milk. After all, if a book doesn’t have funny pictures, then why bother?

However, I do think a couple of his claims could be reasonably challenged, but for now I would like to address his comments on the Paris Accord. While it is true, as Robert said, that, “we need international agreements if we want any hope at slowing warming” what he failed to mention is that the Paris Accord is a dismal failure that gives a false hope of accomplishing anything even remotely close to helping curb climate change.

More specifically, it fails for the following reasons: There is no global carbon tax so countries will continue to use fossil fuels, which are less expensive, to meet that bottom line of profit.

What follows from that is that there are no financial or any other repercussions for countries that choose to ignore the Paris accord. None.

The Paris Accord has come up short. The countries that do participate cannot meet the goal of sustainability, and that is why global carbon emissions have increased since the agreement was signed, and will continue to do so unless it addresses the real problems we face with climate change.

Like your letter, it’s all smoke and mirrors.

Jimmy Sloan

Oak Harbor

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