Letter: School bond will provide quality learning spaces


The students and teachers of South Whidbey deserve modern, safe and healthy schools. A yes vote on this bond demonstrates our commitment to our youth and to our community.

We need funds now because our last bond was passed over 30 years ago. Capital levies allow our school district to address ongoing maintenance.

A bond is different. The bond lets us take on necessary projects that are not a part of routine maintenance like replacing the high school roof. The roof is one of several urgent projects. Passing this bond provides funds for much needed upgrades to both the interior and the exterior spaces of our schools and will provide additional security for our students and staff. Improvements to mechanical and electrical systems will lessen environmental impact.

Bond proposals include modernizing classrooms to meet the needs of our 21st century learners. Today’s schools must incorporate welcoming and flexible learning spaces. It is in these spaces that dynamic learning happens.

This bond has the power to positively affect many aspects of the district’s schools. Our community must support Proposition No. 1.

Val Brown and Betsy Hofius

Co-presidents South Whidbey

Education Association