Letter: Shane Hoffmire should be the next mayor


As a retired school teacher I remember how some students left a lasting impression the first time we met. They seemed to emit a positive inner glow that made you feel they would succeed in anything they did. That was the way my husband and I felt the first time we met Shane Hoffmire as a teenager nearly 20 years ago.

Since then, we have watched Shane develop into the strong and caring young man he is today. After high school he started working at various jobs always involved with caring and nurturing others whether it be animals or people. He is still that person. Now he has found his calling to help others as an elected official. We are happy to note that 73% of the voters agreed with us when Shane was recently elected to the Oak Harbor City Council.

Since being elected to the council, it has been heartwarming to see what a proactive member he has become in his own quiet way. There can be no doubt that Shane keeps the interests of his people at the forefront of his service. He remembers those who live month to month by reducing living costs as much as possible. And he knows that can only be accomplished through open communication and transparency.

We are as proud as grandparents of Shane’s many accomplishments and foresee great things for him in the future. We are even prouder to know that others share in this belief. Why else would the mayor and Oak Harbor City Council send Shane to Washington, D.C. recently to look out for our interests and to promote our great city and people?

When you vote for the next mayor of Oak Harbor, please consider voting for Shane Hoffmire. You’ll be glad you did!

Helen Bates

Oak Harbor