Letter: Shavers is willing to find common ground


I want to jump on board to urge you members of either party to vote for Clyde Shavers for the position of state representative for the 10th Legislative District. Shavers is a one-of-a-kind candidate dedicated to service of people in need. He has a long record of such service preceding his thought or decision to run for office – that’s a priority I like; it’s too common in politics that the reverse happens. Striking me first off, the personal level. I have heard Clyde speak to a group; he is thoughtful, friendly, warm, eager to understand a questioner. He searches his thoughts to speak rather than regurgitating talking points. How refreshing.

And yes, he has the credentials: Naval Academy grad, eight years submarine officer and public affairs officer in the Middle and Far East, went to Yale Law School, then not the usual corporate law but environmental law practice afterwards. While legally helping farmers get more sustainable, forests less cut and drinking water less challenged by corporate polluters, he decided public service in government was calling him to get to the root of problems. He dove in with his gifts.

He is engaging, eager to find common ground whether speaking to a Democrat or Republican, and he goes doorbelling regularly to talk to people of all political stripes on their doorsteps, making many friends. This is all a sign of someone of substance. I want him to serve me from a Tenth Legislative District representative office. Let’s free that office from its partisan bickering and give it a true mission to serve the people’s welfare.

Many influentials around the District have even crossed party lines to promise to vote for Clyde. His campaign is vital and mission-directed. He is already endorsed by many persons in the military, law enforcement, several unions, pro-choice advocacy groups, responsible gun owners, pilots, and numerous community leaders. I’m an older guy; let’s get some young, intelligent, thoughtful, compassionate energy going in the 10th Legislative Rep slot.

Mark Wahl