Letter: Shouldn’t judge neighbors based on party affiliation


Now that the elections are finally over, could we please get back to some normalcy? Let’s stop judging our friends, neighbors, family and others because of their political affiliation.

Hey, at the end of the day we are all God’s children. We are all Americans.

I live here in Coupeville and I guess I made the mistake of putting up a Culp for Governor sign, and boy. An older gentleman walked by and gave me a little lecture on why he thought Culp was a dunce. Another woman who used to talk to me, who, like me, is also retired from the Navy, stopped talking to me.

Now I know where she lives, I go by her place quite often. What if I ever saw her house on fire and just ignored it? Or saw someone breaking into her house and just walked away? Of course, I would not do that. I will call someone right away, that’s what a good neighbor would do.

However, right close to my house I have some great neighbors who I am pretty sure are liberals, but they never stopped talking to me. These are very good people.

After this election I am tired. I believe that all politicians are the same, one with a “D” next to his name, the other with an “R.”

I feel blessed to live in this great country with so many great people, period.

Luie Ferrer