Letter: Stakes in election are enormous


We should all put on our walking shoes and go to Michigan, or another battleground state and doorbell for Biden. The stakes is this election are enormous for the entire world, perhaps the biggest in our lifetime: Democracy and human rights around the globe, a free and secure Europe (so your children and grandchildren won’t have to fight there), global warming, the rule of law itself.

How could we in good faith go on as a law-abiding country if Trump is elected in 2024? The disconnect between his corrupt behavior and not only its lack of consequence, but its reward, would make the entire history of our country and everything that might be good and fair about it, a complete mockery. We will have become a bully culture, where the laws are enforced conditionally, situationally, provisionally. Everything he touches turns rotten. Most of the barrel has been to prison, is in prison, or his heading there. Let justice finish the job.

Steven V. Horton