LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Abandoned car is a big eyesore

To the editor:

Does anyone know “the rest of the process” for getting an abandoned car removed from public property?

As anyone who has driven along Smugglers Cove Road in the past month is no doubt aware, an abandoned car has been sitting on the shoulder of the road since the beginning of May (Washington license 406MIN).

It is located alongside South Whidbey State Park property, at the entrance to one of its trails. The car’s back window is marked with the date of abandonment: 05-05-08.

Posting that date-stamp was no doubt the first step in the process for getting the car removed, but that all important second step — having the car actually towed away — somehow never happened.

At this point some of the car’s windows have been broken out, it has one flat tire, the front bumper is not far off the roadbed.

At a minimum it is an eyesore, detracting from the otherwise beautiful surroundings of South Whidbey State Park. It may be a road hazard at night.

And, it has certainly become an attractive nuisance and magnet for vandalism.

Would a letter written to someone do it? Should a picture of the vandalized car be posted on YouTube? Do signatures have to be collected so the question can be put to voters on the November ballot?

Andy Plitkins