LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Port commissioners are too delusional

To the editor:

I am not sure whether to laugh or cry after reading “Port hopes to triple property tax levy.”

The belief of port commissioners that our community is in dire “need” of providing 110 boat slips for wealthy tourists during this unstable economic climate, would indeed be laughable if it wasn’t such a slap in the face to many of this community.

Are the commissioners aware of soaring fuel and medical costs? Are they aware of the steady increase in grocery bills?

Are they unaware of the increasing costs and proposed increases to utility bills our community’s struggling families are paying? Do they know our senior citizens and many other families are trying to make ends meet on fixed incomes, that are nowhere near keeping up with inflation?

Do they know many American jobs have gone overseas and continue to do so? Do they know how many South Whidbey home owners are currently unemployed due to this economy?

Do they know families are choosing between food, medical care, house and rent payments, water, heat or gas costs they require to earn money for in order to make those same choices over again? Do they have any idea the confusion, fear, depression and hopelessness many of our friends and neighbors are feeling as they struggle to keep their homes and families together? Are they aware our food banks are unable to feed all those who are struggling?

I have to say, it would not have surprised me one bit if this article had included the commissioner’s grandly stating, “Let them eat cake!”

There comes a time when a realistic approach to what is actually needed and necessary for the “benefit of all” is considered by our country and community leaders. I am so thankful my family is secure and intact, at this point. I am also aware in the blink of an eye all could change for us too, but that is not the reason I feel the need to remind our local officials of the current economic instability of our country and community.

The self-centered and selfish delusions of grandeur being presented by our port commissioners at this time is a mighty slap in the face for our citizens in this community who are up against a financial wall due to the lack of responsible and compassionate leadership including the personal greed that is currently popular in this country.

If someone wishes to call me “mean-spirited” again for mentioning the effect and result of irresponsible tax increases that benefit only a select few, during the economic crisis in this country and community, so be it!

If having compassion for those less fortunate and having the courage to speak out against what appears to be the popular trend of the ultra-wealthy in this country being supported and entertained by those they look down upon, then I guess I am proud to be called mean-spirited!

Linda Perkins