Letter: WhidbeyHealth offers first-class health care


I am writing to support the comments recently outlined by Mr. O’Brien, the community relations director of WhidbeyHealth. I am a near 20-year resident of Whidbey Island, a still active emeritus professor of surgery at the University of New Mexico school of Medicine, a volunteer vaccinator at Whidbey Health’s clinics, and have a decades long personal health care experience for both myself, family and friends at this excellent health care facility. This includes virtually all aspects of health care, including diagnostic services, emergency room evaluations, emergency and elective surgery, walk-in clinics and responsiveness of their employees.

As a surgeon and patient, the inpatient nursing care at WhidbeyHealth is equal to or better than the UNM, UW and Virginia Mason Hospitals. Outside expert review of emergency surgery of a family member found that it met all the highest standards of care. A recent walk in clinic visit in Clinton with a neighbor who broke an arm met every criteria for good care.

Many of the issues which have recently have recently been reported relate to the financial health of Whidbey Health which is a rural health care facility similar to 40% of rural hospitals which are experiencing financial problems in this country. In spite of this, as Mr. O’Brien outlines, high health care standards have always been maintained.

The citizens of Whidbey Island have the good fortune of having a first-class health care facility available to them night and day.

Fred Herzon MD