Letter: Woman shot on Jan. 6 should be remembered


I know nobody on the left wants to acknowledge the truth of who died at the “insurrection” on January 6th, but I feel that Ashly Babbitt should have a moment of reflection. She is the only person killed on that day. She was shot by Capitol policeman Michael Byrd. No other deaths can be directly attributed to the events at the Capitol that day, even though the January 6th inquisition and mainstream media insist five Capitol Police were killed. Talk about the “Big lie”!

Ashley served her country, and like many of us on the right were dissatisfied with the machinations of the left in this election. Her only sin was following the crowd. No allegation of other wrongdoing has ever been alleged.

Michael Byrd on the other hand had already committed an offense that should have gotten him dismissed from the force. Leaving a handgun in a public restroom is at the least punishable by reprimand. What was his punishment for killing Ashly? No inquiry, no suspension while an investigation should have taken place, and instead got a promotion. Where are the white supremacists rioting and burning cities across the country?

So, here’s to Ashley Babbitt who will be forgotten by everyone but the few who knew her. And shame on you for not even knowing her fate.

Fred Wilferth


Editor’s note: Ashli Babbitt was part of the mob that breached the U.S. Capitol. She was shot and killed trying to climb through a shattered window on a barricaded door.