Letters to the Editor

Letter: Accept sculpture donation to go along side windmill

Editor, Regarding placing the Sebastián sculpture in Windjammer Park, I would like to advocate for diversity in our art selections. Art is made to convey… Continue reading

  • Feb 16, 2021

Letter: Acquittal, Jan. 6, body blows to our democracy

Editor, On Saturday, the U.S. Senate voted 57-43 to acquit former President Donald Trump of any responsibility for inciting the riot that overtook the Capitol… Continue reading

  • Feb 16, 2021

Letter: City should decline offer of free sculpture for park

Editor, “It’s an asset. It’s a draw for tourism. It’s a gift to our community of culture which we desperately lack,” Oak Harbor Arts Commissioner… Continue reading

  • Feb 16, 2021

Letter: Democracy is at stake; the Senate must convict Trump

Editor, I am a small-business owner in Clinton. I implore the U.S. Senate to convict Donald Trump and to prevent him from ever running for… Continue reading

  • Feb 16, 2021

Letter: Sculpture donation coming at right time, to right community

Editor, What an incredible opportunity, the privilege of a Sculptor Sebastián art piece in Oak Harbor. This world-renowned artist has respected and appreciated installations throughout… Continue reading

  • Feb 16, 2021

Letter: City has an opportunity to have world-class art

Editor, This is not my preferred format for dialogue. However, I feel I should at least provide a little clarity regarding the Sebastian sculpture that… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2021

Letter: Coupeville Lions holding annual scholarship fund-raising drive

Editor, The Coupeville Lions Club would like to take this opportunity to thank our community members who have so graciously donated money for our annual… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2021

Letter: Would hate to lose area where club flies its kites

Editor, I want to commend the city on the beautifully remodeled City Beach Park. As I am the team leader of the Whidbey Island Quad… Continue reading

  • Feb 12, 2021

Letter: Writer projects Democratic agenda on GOP

Editor, In typical Democrat fashion, Steven V. Horton of Langley in his Feb. 3 letter to the editor projects the Democrat agenda on Republicans. In… Continue reading

  • Feb 9, 2021

Letter: Don’t like an opinion? Don’t read it; just don’t censor

Editor, First of all, let me say to the Whidbey News-Times readers that I am not very politically inclined. I am not a Republican, nor… Continue reading

  • Feb 5, 2021

Letter: Money already replaced by state property taxes

Editor, This Oak Harbor School replacement levy is 100 percent not needed and was already replaced by state level property tax revenues. As reported by… Continue reading

  • Feb 5, 2021

Letter: Orwell’s ‘1984’ as a blueprint to take control of country

Editor, When I was a young man I read George Orwell’s “1984.” I read it as a cautionary tale, but I didn’t realize others might… Continue reading

  • Feb 5, 2021

Letter: Chief nursing officer a ‘lighthouse in the storm’

Editor, I would like to publicly thank WhidbeyHealth and its Chief Nursing Officer Erin Wooley. In this time of confusion, she has been a lighthouse… Continue reading

  • Feb 3, 2021

Letter: Here we go again; another impeachment

Editor, Nearly a year ago to the week, this newspaper published a letter I wrote about the 2020 impeachment, the first one, in which the… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2021

Letter: Need to return to united, not divided states

Editor, In response to Al Williams’ letter to the editor regarding the natural, human state of tribalism, I would like to offer a quote or… Continue reading

  • Feb 2, 2021

Letter: As you await vaccination, be patient with WhidbeyHealth

Editor, Many of you may have read the recent press release from Island County Public Health with a statement from WhidbeyHealth announcing the cancellation of… Continue reading

  • Jan 29, 2021

Letter: Done reading what neighbors think of Trump, Antifa

Editor, I couldn’t agree more with Barbara Banfield regarding length, decency and writer frequency in letters to the editor. I look to our community newspaper… Continue reading

  • Jan 29, 2021

Letter: Fate of one little tree says a lot about city’s values

Editor, This letter is regarding the madrona tree and McDonald’s’s in Oak Harbor. I am in full agreement with prior citizens concerns with what that… Continue reading

  • Jan 29, 2021

Letter: Where was the editorial about Antifa riots?

Editor, The Whidbey News-Times Opinion piece entitled “Oak Harbor pro-Trump rally during Capitol siege poorly timed” strikes me as written by someone with their head… Continue reading

  • Jan 29, 2021

Letter: Whidbey should welcome Navy SEALs training

Editor, Navy Seals are expected to be the best of the best, assigned missions only they can do. They train in small groups and have… Continue reading

  • Jan 29, 2021