Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vote Kim Schrier to loosen Republican grip on Congress

Editor, Those of us who live in congressional district WA-02 are extremely fortunate to have Rick Larsen working for us in Congress. He cruised to… Continue reading

  • Aug 21, 2018

Letter: Tell superintendent, school board to raise teacher pay

Editor, Through its McCleary decision, the Washington State Supreme Court concluded that Washington state failed in its constitutionally mandated obligation to adequately fund K-12 education.… Continue reading

  • Aug 17, 2018

Letter: Whidbey Habitat for Humanity grateful for all its supporters

Editor, Thank you to our supporters. It has never been more important than today to talk about the need for affordable housing in Island County.… Continue reading

  • Aug 14, 2018

Letter: What are Trump’s supporters thinking?

Editor, And speaking of MAGA hats in Langley and elsewhere, it is a mystery to me how anyone can support the president’s racism and white… Continue reading

  • Aug 13, 2018

Letter: ‘Liberal’ is not a dirty word, despite what Commissioner Hannold said

Editor, It is ironic and disturbing that Commissioner Hannold, in his quest to denigrate “labels” in a discussion of housing policy, then attaches a label… Continue reading

  • Aug 13, 2018

Letter: Hannold needs to stop dividing those he is representing

Editor, Rick Hannold. A public servant and commissioner. Went to a planning commission meeting. “We have to put a label on everything on everybody to… Continue reading

  • Aug 13, 2018

Letter: Quick, professional EMTs save life after a blood clot emergency

Editor, I would like to thank the local EMTs who helped save my life on Sunday, March 4. Unfortunately, I do not know their names.… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2018

Letter: Commentary on MSNBC’s Morning Joe hit nail on head

Editor, In response to commentary by Donny Deutsch and Mika Brzezinski on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Aug. 3, 2018. The discussion centered around the contrast between… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2018

Letter: License plates helping make Admiralty lighthouse a big draw

Editor, There are over 3,500 people cruising around our state with a Lighthouse License Plate displayed on their vehicle. Over 500 are here in Island… Continue reading

  • Aug 7, 2018

Letter: Vote yes to keep parks funded

Editor, On the Aug. 7 ballot South Whidbey voters are being asked to consider funding the parks system for the four years beginning in 2019.… Continue reading

  • Aug 3, 2018

Letter: Vote for Rita Latsinova for seat on state’s Court of Appeals

Editor, There is one outstanding candidate running for the Court of Appeals. Rita Latsinova is uniquely the best qualified for this important position. The Court… Continue reading

  • Jul 31, 2018

Letter: The county needs stricter rules on fire prevention to prevent danger

Editor, I am concerned about the fire hazard on South Whidbey. Did you know the Island County sheriff makes the burn ban decisions, and not… Continue reading

  • Jul 31, 2018

Letter: President Trump has plenty in common with ‘Tricky Dick’ Nixon

Editor, Who were Tricky Dick and Don, the Lying Con? This will be the answer to the Jeopardy prompt, “These two American Presidents were forced… Continue reading

  • Jul 31, 2018

Letter: Vote Hazelrigg-Hernandez for Appeals Court judge, Dist. 3

Editor, It’s often difficult to know enough about the candidates for Appeals Court judge and I would like to recommend Cecily Hazelrigg-Hernandez for the position… Continue reading

  • Jul 27, 2018

Letter: Our social ‘wars’ are all hideously expensive and a waste of time

Editor, Have you ever noticed the similarities of all the so-called “war on (fill in the blank)” programs the federal government is waging? War on… Continue reading

  • Jul 27, 2018

Letter: Treasonous Trump stands with Russia, not the United States

Editor, Master puppeteer Vladimir Putin seems to be pulling Donald J. Trump’s strings again. In the recent Helsinki Summit, Trump placed blame on the U.S.… Continue reading

  • Jul 27, 2018

Letter: Vote for candidate Dave Paul for state House is a vote for integrity

Editor, Are you feeling we need some political relief — some integrity these days? Well, hallelujah, we have the unique opportunity to get an effective,… Continue reading

  • Jul 27, 2018

Letter: Residents located in jets’ flight path long-suffering

Editor, I had an insight. My neighbor hired a company with a tree grinder to decimate some big laurel branches and it was making some… Continue reading

  • Jul 24, 2018

Letter: Should closely examine the candidates for Court of Appeals

Editor, Rita Latsinova is a better choice for judge. I urge voters to check the backgrounds of the candidates for Court of Appeals, and not… Continue reading

  • Jul 24, 2018

Letter: The behavior from president Donald Trump is ludicrous

Editor, Do Rep. Larsen, Sen. Cantwell, and Sen. Murray really want more war-mongering saber rattling in all caps in the wee hours by a President… Continue reading

  • Jul 24, 2018