Port’s plan forbuying airportis a pipe dream


The Port of Coupeville commissioners have no experience or training in the complex business of owning and operating a public airport. It doesn’t matter how they get the money to pay for it. They are outside their district, outside their experience, and outside the support of the public.

For many years, the commission has been elected-community spirited residents who have initiated the restoration of the Coupeville Wharf and the expansion of local business opportunities at Greenbank Farm. They need to stay focused on the many issues that the two properties continue to face. The wharf and the farm cannot run themselves while the commissioners pursue the unsuitable dream of owning an airport.

I have attended many port meetings and I have heard the source of the “community support” for airport ownership. That support came from a small group of general aviation pilots who own small planes. Of course they want the airport upgraded.

Apparently the commissioners think themselves so important that they can change the whole focus of the port from serving the general public and preserving the history of Central Whidbey to “thinking big, “looking around the corner” (favorite slogans of one commissioner) and the dream of owning an airport.

The commissioners need to remember that they serve us all and individual dreams do not merit our backing. We need to continue to speak up and demand to be heard against Port of Coupeville ownership of an airport.

Marianne Burr