Traveling nomads, Freesia and Josh, explore Whidbey and Camano on Island Transit

Freesia and Josh are nomads traveling the country in their 1979 RV (complete with orange shag carpet) from park to park and offering their youthful energy and skill in exchange for a parking space for a period of time.

“Last summer we were camp hosts outside of Mt. Rainier in La Wis Wis, taking care of the grounds and assisting campers. We were volunteer hosts at Dash Point State Park and then at South Whidbey State Park this fall.”

Now they are paid Park Aides at Cama Beach State Park.

“Before we take a job in a given area, we usually look at transit options because we rely on them for transportation,” they say.

Once they arrive at a new site they don’t want to drive their old RV around just to run errands. “We were really excited to read that there was transit available on both Islands, and that it’s free of charge for riders!”

Freesia and Josh didn’t hesitate to start taking Island Transit, which stops right at the entrance of South Whidbey State Park. They found that the bus takes them to many of the places they want – and need – to go, including Senior Thrift and the WAIF Thrift Shops in Freeland, the Langley Whale Center, Clinton Ferry, other State Parks like Fort Casey and Deception Pass, and Oak Harbor to grocery shop!

“The only disadvantage is the infrequency of service, but an hour is a reasonable amount of time given the widespread routes,” they say.

Compared to other transit systems they’ve used, “Island Transit blows them out of the water! We’ve used public transit in many states in our travels, and by far Island Transit is the most accessible in terms of affordability, friendliness, cleanliness and is generally very accommodating to its riders. Additionally, it’s very safe, which is really important to us!”

On the bus they found hand sanitizer and a box of face masks that were made available for riders for free. “I was very impressed by the COVID-related procedures that are clearly posted on the bus as well as the bus stops!

“We’ve been met with nothing but kindness, and all our questions are answered by the drivers! Not only that, but the Hawaiian-themed shirts the bus drivers wear add a sprinkle of Island fun to our ride!”

And these two add a “sprinkle of fun” to our State Parks!

Island Transit serves both South Whidbey State Park on Whidbey and Cama Beach State Park on Camano Island. Access Cama Beach State Park by requesting that stop when you hop on the West Camano Route 1. And don’t forget to call them for a pick-up at 360-678-7771.

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