Burglar came in through the bathroom wall

A man is accused of breaking through the wall of a restroom to steal from a convenience store.

An Oak Harbor man is accused of breaking through the wall of a restroom to steal scratch cards, candy and cash from a convenience store on April 28, according to court documents.

The man was identified by a deputy who reviewed surveillance video and saw the suspect pull down a mask to sip a purloined energy drink.

Prosecutors charged the man, 44-year-old Joshua E. Campos, in Island County Superior Court May 7 with burglary in the second degree and malicious mischief in the second degree. Court documents identify Campos as a transient.

At 5 a.m., a deputy with the Island County Sheriff’s Office responded to an alarm at the Food Mart Convenience Store near Deception Pass. The deputy discovered that someone had entered an exterior bathroom by using a door code before breaking the wall.

The burglar placed boxes of candy, smoking devices, a case of Fireball Whisky miniatures and other items in plastic bags. The thief also took cash from the register and a stack of scratch tickets.

Surveillance video shows the man, identified as Campos, in a back storage room messing with the camera system, the report states. He then pulled down his face cover, drank from a can and threw it behind some boxes.

The report states that he fled the business when he tripped the alarm. He left the plastic bags of loot but got away with money and lottery tickets, the report states.

On May 5, a deputy arrested Campos outside a different convenience store.