City asks residents to conserve water when power goes out

Langley residents must conserve water during power outages due to a faulty generator water pump.

The city of Langley will be asking citizens to conserve water during future power outages, due to a faulty generator water pump.

Public Works Director Randi Perry explained to the city council Dec. 20 that one of South Whidbey’s most recent power outages resulted in the water pump for the generator to fail at one of the city treatment plant’s lift stations.

A back-up generator was pulled from the city’s well location to service the lift station. Perry said households hooked up to the city’s water and sewer connections will be asked to conserve water during the next power outage.

If water is not conserved, the generator will need to be relocated to fill the reservoir.

“Generally PSE is really good at getting the power back on within a reasonable time and we’re okay, but that is a concern for us,” Perry said. “And due to the COVID supply chain issues, the part that we need for that generator repair is about six months out.”

The city has a portable generator that can be used at multiple locations. It is stored primarily at the water pump house to prevent sewage overflow at the lift station.