Man accused of barn burglary

Police arrested a man who allegedly stole a suitcase from a barn and hauled it around Oak Harbor.

Police arrested a man who allegedly stole a suitcase from a barn and then hauled it around Oak Harbor, according to court records.

A deputy with the Island County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of a burglary at a residence on Green Valley Road. The resident reported that someone had burglarized a detached barn on the property. The deputy notes in his report that property inside the barn was strewn about and some items were stacked as if the burglar was going to return to get them.

The deputy discovered that a black “American Weekend” suitcase was missing, along with a large amount of cosmetics and tools.

The deputy’s report states that he had seen a man lugging a suitcase walking in the area earlier. He looked for the man but wasn’t able to find him.

A couple of days later, an Oak Harbor police officer came across a homeless man from the Vancouver, Washington area sitting on a black suitcase behind a bank on Southwest Barlow Street. The deputy responded to the scene and recognized the man, identified as Michael Adams, as the person he saw near the site of the burglary, the report states.

While Adams denied stealing the suitcase, the owner of the barn identified it and a portable bandsaw inside as being stolen from the barn, the deputy wrote. The report didn’t indicate what became of the cosmetics or other tools.

Adams was arrested on suspicion of burglary and theft.