New campground planned near Langley

Campers may have a new place to stake their tents, starting this summer.

The proposed campground, a South Whidbey Parks and Recreation project, will be located on a 35-acre parcel, part of the Community Park Trails land outside of Langley. The campground’s first loop will have 10 to 12 campsites, with the potential to have approximately 70 when the project is fully completed.

The first phase of the project that may be completed by summer 2020 will yield basic services, such as parking available for vehicles and a water spigot.

“It’s going to be very primitive initially, and then there’s going to be power to that area,” said Doug Coutts, executive director for Parks and Rec. “At some point part of the plan is to have a shower house.”

Hookups for electricity, a shower house and restrooms are planned for future development of the campsite, which is slated to be continued through the rest of this year and possibly longer. The first loop of the campground is planned to have these services, while additional loops would have a more basic setup without them.

The project is in permitting currently and then will go out to bid for a contractor.

South Whidbey Parks and Rec has been awarded a state grant to fund the campground project. The grant matched with what the department had already spent to buy the property, which was $395,000.

“They’ve given us the funds for half of the purchase, and now we’re maximizing those funds,” Coutts said.

The department has not yet applied for any other grants, but may do so when significant construction has happened. Coutts estimates the project could cost over $1 million.