Public meeting on stormwater slated for Dec. 10

City officials want to hear what you think about Langley’s storm drainage systems.

During a public meeting scheduled for Dec. 10, the city will be accepting comments from residents.

“The agenda is to discuss the report about the big flood event we had in September,” said Stan Berryman, public works director.

The meeting follows a report filed on Oct. 29 by an engineering consultancy. That report found the current drainage system of downtown Langley to be insufficient for handling severe rainfall.

On Sept. 9, the Village by the Sea was inundated by nearly two inches of rainfall, which caused flooding near the Anthes Avenue and Second Street intersection. The majority of the rainfall happened during the course of six hours or less.

According to the report, prepared by PACE Engineers, the downtown drainage basin is undersized and was unable to handle the volume of stormwater runoff during the September storm.

A plan to update the drainage basin includes increasing the diameter of existing pipes from 18 to 30 inches, installing 25 feet of new 24-inch diameter pipe and replacing the six current catch basins with larger drainage structures.

The estimated project cost is $547,000. This price includes design and construction engineering, sales tax and contingencies.

Berryman said the rest of the public meeting will be dedicated to describing these maintenance procedures.