Religion notes

Rev. Barbara Gilday will speak on “The Stories We Live By” this Sunday at the service for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation Of Whidbey Island.

Guest speaker shares stories

Rev. Barbara Gilday will speak on “The Stories We Live By” this Sunday at the service for the Unitarian Universalist Congregation Of Whidbey Island.

Who do we believe we are as individuals, communities, countries and global citizens? What are the old stories we can let go of and new stories we want to embrace? Can we find the kernels of truth in the old stories and refresh them so we do not lose our roots?

Rev. Gilday has lived in three countries, traveled to many others and now lives in Bellingham. As a Unitarian Universalist minister, she is self-employed doing Heart Centered Therapy, Circles of Women, Appreciative Inquiry, weddings, memorials and public speaking.

Gilday has traveled to Nigeria and Ghana in the past three years on various projects. In 2007, she collected the life stories of more than 30 people to share in a book and presentations about inspirational people from Ghana; taught Appreciative Inquiry to more than 1,100 students, teachers, board members and business owners; and also raised $22,000 for a new collection of library books for her old secondary school in Ghana. She hopes to return to Ghana in the fall to continue teaching Appreciative Inquiry by request.

The Unitarian Universalist Church holds its Sunday service at 4 p.m. in the chapel at Trinity Lutheran at Woodard Avenue and Highway 525 in Freeland.

Children ages 3 through 10 are warmly welcomed and engaged in the holistic “Spirit Play” methodology (see in the church’s religious education courses. The middle school child is met with the developmentally appropriate “Compass Points” curriculum. Childcare for younger ones is also available. All are welcome. Check for more information.

Gilday is also available on April 20 or 21 to do Heart Centered Therapy for any Whidbey folks who may be interested. Look at her Web site for more information at www.Barbara

Youth Choir to sing Evensong

St. Augustine’s-in-the-Woods Episcopal Church in Freeland and St. Stephen Episcopal Church Oak Harbor will jointly host a service of sung Evensong by the St. Mark’s Episcopal Cathedral Youth Choir, under the direction of Brian Fairbanks, at 4:30 p.m. this Sunday,

April 20.

All are welcome to come and share in this ancient religious service marking the monastic evening hour. It will be held at St. Augustine’s, 5217 S. Honeymoon Bay Road, in Freeland.

Beverly Graham

is Unity speaker

Beverly Graham will integrate music and talk this Sunday on “Behaving as if everything in Life is Sacred” at Unity of Whidbey this Sunday. The talk will cover our responsibility to ourselves, each other, our planet and the divine.

Unity gathers at 10 a.m. Sunday at Bayview Community Hall. All are welcome.

Pastor presents the good news

Tomorrow’s speaker at South Whidbey Community Church will be Dr. Ed Cook, who will speak on “The New-Old Good News,” based on Matthew 13:51,52.

Dr. Cook is the founding pastor of the Vineyard Christian Fellowship of Seattle.

Now retired, Cook spends his time writing, teaching, coaching and managing a consulting ministry. He is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary and Carey Theological College.

Each worship service at South Whidbey Community Church begins at 10 a.m. and is preceded at 9 a.m. by an Adult Learning Forum where the Book of Romans is being discussed, led by Stan Walker. Midweek Bible studies continue in the Gospel of Luke, at 7 p.m. Wednesdays, led by Art Angst at Rick and Dinah Zapata’s home.

South Whidbey Community Church is open to everyone and gathers for worship each Sunday at the Deer Lagoon Grange, 5142 Bayview Road, Langley. It is a newly-formed independent, evangelical, non-denominational church. For information, call 321-3060.

Volunteer Corps members speak

Trinity Lutheran Adult Forum presents Melissa “Mo” Schultz at the forum on Sunday.

Schultz, a graduate of South Whidbey High School and Pacific Lutheran University, serves with the New Hope Project in Milwaukee, Wisc. Together with Lutheran Volunteer board member Bill Fuson and Lutheran Volunteer Corps volunteer Emily Moen, Schultz will speak about the social justice projects of Lutheran Volunteer Corps in

12 cities across the United States.

Trinity Adult Forum meets at 9:30 a.m. each Sunday in the Fireside Room. All are welcome.

DVD focuses

on Catholicism

St. Augustine’s-in-the-Woods Episcopal Church will present an educational DVD focusing on the history of the relationship between the Eastern Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches and the divided Roman Empire.

This Adult Forum will begin at 9:15 a.m. in the undercroft of the church.

The program will address the widening of theological gaps between the two faiths during the 8th century, primarily over disputes about the Holy Trinity, and the resulting break in relations in the 9th century. Several historic events, such as the Crusades, the Council of Trent, the Spanish and Roman Inquisitions, and the First Vatican Council are discussed in terms of their effect on the two faiths.

Ted Brookes will present and lead discussions.

Sermon breaks down atonement

Break “atonement” down as Mary Baker Eddy did, and you have a clear sense of its meaning: “at-one-ment.”

On Sunday, April 20, the Christian Science service discusses how “atonement is the exemplification of man’s unity with God, whereby man reflects divine truth, life and love.”

All are welcome to the Sunday service; 10:30 a.m. at the church, 2411 E. Highway 525 (across from Useless Bay Road).