Trailer destroyed in ‘suspicious’ fire

No one was injured in the trailer fire, although the circumstances are considered “suspicious.”

No one was injured in a trailer fire early Friday morning, although according to Oak Harbor Fire Chief Ray Merrill, the circumstances surrounding the incident are considered “suspicious.”

The Oak Harbor Fire Department responded to a call about a trailer on fire around 12:30 a.m. Sept. 16. The vacated trailer had been sitting on private property on Barron Drive for around six months. Merrill said the fire department learned that some people have been living in the dilapidated trailer part time over the last several months, though no one was inside during the blaze.

The incident is considered suspicious because the trailer has been sitting there for so long, Merrill said, yet the department did not determine the cause of the fire.

The trailer was a total loss. The trailer fire also ignited a small grass fire, and a vehicle on the adjoining property sustained heat damage, Merrill said.

Firefighters subdued the blaze within around 10 minutes, Merrill said.