Anna Marie Morton: May 24, 1939-April 23-2022

Anna Marie Morton (nee Boone) died April 23, 2022, a month before her 83rd birthday. Beloved of her husband, son, and family, she lived a life deeply committed to a number of social and educational causes focused on the well-being of children. Among them was serving as a teacher’s assistant at the Little School in Bellevue WA, where she learned so much as an aide to an amazing teacher and inspiring students. She facilitated eight PEPS (Program for Early Parent Support) groups in Bellevue and was one of the founders of Mother Mentors of Whidbey Island. Anna Marie was a “pretend grandmother” to some wonderful children she encountered among her activities and through friends.

Anna Marie was born in Elma WA, grew up in Washington DC and rural Maryland, graduated from the University of Vermont School of Dental Hygiene, and practiced dental hygiene in Indiana, Illinois, and Washington State. A practitioner of health maintenance through oral care and nutrition, she partnered with many dentists, serving their offices as a nutritional counselor for patients, and created her own service company Nutrition, Etc. She was an avid student of non-traditional medicine, collaborating with many medical and dental professionals. She lived a life committed to the well-being of her dental patients, family, and friends.

In her later years, Anna Marie “discovered” the magic of Whidbey Island and moved to the Langley area upon the retirement of Peter, her husband, from Boeing. A culmination of her community service was founding Mother Mentors of Whidbey Island together with a group of like-minded women in 2009. They understood the critical need to pass women’s wisdom to generations of new parents through support-in-residence for young families with newborn to early kindergarten children. Today, Mother Mentors serves all of Whidbey Island, along with its sister operation Playscape, a daytime play retreat for young children that builds vital relationships among parents and care givers.

Anna Marie is survived by her husband Peter and son and daughter-in-law Doug and Tori Fairhurst, her sister Williena Ausherman and an extended family in Washington State and Florida. She was predeceased by her father, Melvin Weller Boone, and mother, Dorothy Leanna Boone (Cabe). During her stay on this Earth, she left each place of residence and service better than she found it and will remain a loving memory to many friends and family who will deeply miss her unique personality, affection, and quiet wisdom.